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Classes Open for Registration

Max. 3 students per class.

Do whatsapp us at 8902 1833 for available slots. 

Science, Math and English Classes
For first-time students, a $60 material fee will be charged. We do not charge a registration fee.
Maximum of 3 students per class only.

(Primary 1 to 6)


1.5 hours/class

Lower Secondary (Secondary 1 and 2)


1.5 hours/class

Upper Secondary (Secondary 3, 4, 5)
Chemistry (Pure/Combined)


1.5 hours/class

W.I.S.E.R Programme
Win In Science Examination Requirements

Our tried-and-tested method for your child to win in science examination requirements!

Our students undergo intensive preparations specifically designed for them to get as many marks as possible in the examination. Practice is key under this programme and your child will be exposed to a wide variety of challenging and unique Science questions. Hands-on activities are also key to retaining knowledge, and our curriculum also incorporates experiments for both the Lower and Upper Primary students.

Come join us to see the difference and score that perfect A!

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