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Our Method

Dear Parents, 

Is your child facing grade stagnation and cannot seem to show much improvement in his or her results?

Is your child spending too much time attempting questions and getting frustrated and confused without the proper guidance?

Do you struggle to find the right assessments and top school exam papers?

Does your child just need that extra boost to get that higher grade? 

If your answer is “YES” to any of the above questions, we hope you will consider giving our learning centre a try to help your child make a breakthrough in his or her results. 

​We are confident that your child will benefit from our teaching and resources! Have peace of mind when your child studies with us. 


We hope all our students cultivate a love for Science and Mathematics, which helps them to excel in it. 

What We Teach for Science (In a Nutshell)

  • Science vocabulary and keywords. 

  • How to independently and automatically identify what each question demands. 

  • Challenging, tricky and commonly-tested questions

  • More detailed content that may not be explicitly covered in schools.

  • Concepts that students may be easily confused with, such as the difference between elastic spring force and elastic potential energy. 

  • What topics bear the most weight, and what conceptual emphasis the exams typically have. 

  • Be familiar with answering techniques in the OEQ section.

Download a sample of our notes to see our curriculum.

Our Centre

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